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Mark Egly has taught golfers of every level over the past thirty years. In that time Mark has taught baseball, basketball, football, hockey, softball and tennis skills as well to competitors of all levels. There is so much commonality in all these sports. If you have played or are currently playing other sports and physical activities, Mark will show these activities will complement each other, using one skill to enhance another!

Mark's education background is unique in the profession of professional golf. Mark is one of the very few and one of the very first to have an education degree with his degree focusing on kinesiology, biomechanics, physics, human anatomy with sports motion and analysis studies of most every sport.

Mark's view is that there is not just one way to compete in any activity, but there are specific motions and methods that allow athletes faster results and maximum achievement for their desired results. Certain methods will produce predictable results. Results can change dramatically with the method you personally chose as your preference, so we hope you are very careful in the learning method you chose for your game. Choosing wisely which methods will help you achieve your goals and desires will be paramount. The secret to your success is to ask for the expected result and find which method fulfills your need to accomplish just that!

In this new day of computers, programs and technology emphasizing "perfect positions", the flaw is failing to give a student a method to help that student find and achieve these positions and methods that will allow for their success. As well, do the positions really assist you in playing the game better and having more fun playing your game or do they just preoccupy the students time with unimportant details to the big picture, success and fun.

In Mark's teaching, you will have full access to all the tools of computer and video technology if you wish, More importantly though you will be taught in a manner that allows skills to be learned as quickly as possible, with or without the use of technology according to your preference!

When you come to Mark, the goal will be to find the easiest possible method for you and your success! If you desire and wish for the most explicit, complicated explanations and details, it will be supplied. If your goal to enjoy the game and improve with least amount of information overload, that is exactly what that you will receive!

No matter what method desired and chosen, results are guaranteed because this is your game and your improvement is paramount! Our secret is finding your optimum level of skills, so that you enjoy this game and play your very best.

Mark is consistently ranked as one of the "Best Golf Instructors" in the Midwest and in the United States by all the major golf publications, including being Golf Digests #1 Ranked instructor in Iowa for a decade as well as earning the PGA of Iowa's Teacher of the Year multiple times.

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